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Veal tortellini in a veal broth                                                                                                          $38

“Ravioli con la coda” filled with green chard and ricotta in melted butter and Parmigiano    $38

Panzerotti: baked crepe, ricotta, green chard, parmigiano, porcini mushrooms$39

Potato gnocchi, cherry tomatoes, Maine lobster     $42    

Sweet corn agnolotti, mascarpone, truffle butter   $41

Stracetti basil pasta, tomato sauce     $38

Tortelli of butternut squash, ricotta, amaretto, crispy sage, browned butter $38

Penne, langostine, spicy tomato        $45

Paccheri slow-cooked beef ragu       $44

Pappardelle, sautéed Porcini white sauce       $42

Artichoke ravioletti, aglio, olio, butter, crispy marjoram, fennel pollen                                         $42

Gluten-Free “ e Mez Penne ‘de Zite’ Rigate” from Gragnano available

Prices subject to periodic changes.