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Grilled Mediterranean langostine $84

Pan fried Dover sole al limone $84

Branzino alla griglia or al forno $56

Pan seared king salmon on top of grilled endive in a lemon orange herb sauce$55

Spigola filets “al cartoccio” with cherry tomatoes, olives, capers, potatoes, lemon, thyme$59

Poached local Spiny lobster, sautéed cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, cannellini beans                     $91


Sautéed Jidori chicken, thyme, rosemary, sage, garlic, white wine, splash of lemon,                      $48
French dark olives

Grilled lamb chops, sauteed radicchio                                                                                             $64

Veal cutlet alla pizzaiola, tomatoes, capers, oregan$54

Grilled & sliced New York steak$65

Pounded “paillard” 8oz beef filet with peppercorn sauce                                                                $68

Grilled T-bone 19oz bistecca, sea salt, coarse pepper$76

Nebraska Veal chop Milanes$69

Beef rib eye chop 220z, rosemary, garlic, whole chili pepper                                                        $98 

Prices subject to periodic changes.