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e. baldi is open for dine-in service and to go

Tuesday - Thursday
5pm - 9pm

Friday - Saturday
12pm - 3pm
5.30pm - 10pm

Reservations accepted by email:
PICKUP: call us at 310-248-2633
DELIVERY: Doordash

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Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, the eponymous restaurant of chef Edoardo “Edo” Baldi specializes in Tuscan food with an accent of Emilia-Romagna. Dining at e. baldi will transport you to the coast of Italy, where ingredients pop, desserts are worth saving room for, and eating with friends and family takes on an almost religious experience.

e. baldi opened its doors in 2006 and has grown a dedicated following of patrons who can either be counted on to order their favorite dishes on a weekly basis – or who seek to try each and every seasonal specialty. Some swear by the fish, others the pasta, and still others the desserts. But one thing all agree on is that Edo pours all of his love into every meal.

We hope that you will join us soon to experience a little taste of Tuscany in your backyard.